Usually, couple's vibrators are not a great hit. There is always a problem with the sync, and sometimes things get plain awkward. Or there is an issue with the machine.

What to do in this kind of situation? If you are a couple who wants to enjoy and live up their sexual fantasies, then there must be something that you two together can pull off!

The good news is, there is! Today, we will present an in-depth ✅We-Vibe Sync Review.

We-Vibe Sync 💥

What is the usual problem of couple vibrators? Well, for starters, there always are motor and fitting issues. The motors in these toys can be a bit buzzy, which can ruin the ambiance of your sexual place.
Also, these toys could be quite inefficient to fit in different people's bodies.
Often a couple ends up in an awkward situation when they decide to do something for both's sake!
But, after getting my hands on We-Vibe sync, I came to know that there is indeed something that can make a couple's life much better.
And now, we are ready to share our review with our audience! So, without further due, let us get started with what you came for!

What is We-Vibe Sync?

We-Vibe Sync Review

Some of you must already know that We-Vibe is Canada's largest adult toys manufacturer. It is a high-tech company that has dedicated all its time to create high-quality sex toys for fun-loving people.

The We-Vibe Sync that we are introducing today is an award winner for both penetrative sex and solo sex performances.

We-Vibe Sync
We-Vibe Aqua

We-Vibe Sync 💥

We-Vibe Sync is a dual vibrator that is designed to fit in any body's anatomy. Other than this, this toy can be used for clitoris and hitting the G-spot simultaneously!
  • The website claims that it is one of the most powerful toys that has been introduced to this market.
  • This vibrator can be controlled from any distance with its app.
  • Numerous vibration patterns constantly keep you on edge or aim to bring you orgasm repeatedly.
  • With this, it is time to get to know the key features of this product.
Sale £119.00
save £ 80.00

How much truth does that claim comprise of? We will tell you about that later.

We-Vibe Sync Features

We-Vibe Sync Review

A few things about this vibrator make it stand out among its competitors in the market.

  • 🌟Design
    There are two color options to choose from. One is purple, and the other one is aqua. We-Vibe Sync is made from the best quality silicone that offers the best comfortability in the state. The material is soft and, your skin and internal parts get easily on-board with the rhythm of the product.
    The toy measures 2.9″ x 1.2″ x 1.6″ (74.8 mm x 31.4 mm x 41.7 mm) and, its very light-weighted. Other than this, the remote control that comes with this device is very smooth to use.
  • 🌟Adjustable Fit
    Yes, you heard it right. No matter which size you are, We-Vibe Sync tends to be adjustable for every shape and size. If you want to use this for a solo sexual experience, you are good to go.
    Other than this, you can check out We-Vibe Sync with your partner too. Feel free to explore different positions with your partner. No matter in which position you are in, We-Vibe Sync will support you tremendously.
    The G-spot and clitoral arm can be pulled apart until they are basically at 180 degrees, it can also be pushed together pretty tightly, so you can bend it in any shape you want. In short, his little magical thing is designed to fit any body's anatomy!
  • 🌟Sync with Music
    Apparently, with the help of We-Vibe Sync, you can surprise yourself with any kind of music you want. It will vibrate based on the music beats, which will leave you breathless!
    The speed and the vibrating patterns depend on the song you are listening to! If it's soft jazz, you will feel the mild vibrating relaxing of your pelvis.
    But if it is anything like Haunted by Beyonce, your G-spot and clitoris will get shaken up with the deep rumbly vibrations!
  • 🌟It can be used for Penetrative sex or Masturbation
    If you are curious about how does this divide works, then let me tell you the details.
    We-Vibe Sync has two arms, the smaller one goes straight into your vagina, and the other one rests on your clitoris.

🚀Ways to play using We-vibe

We-Vibe Sync

This you can be worn in two ways:

1. You can wear this for penetrative sex.

  • In that, We-Vibe Sync can be used as an extra layer of stimulation on your vagina along with your partner's penis.
  • Lube can make the process smooth for both you and your partner. However, make sure to use a lubricator, especially in the G-spot part. The friction between the one arm and the penis might be hurting if you are not using a lubricant.

2. You can use the Sync as a hands-free vibrator for clit stimulation

  • Most hands-free vibrators don't bring orgasms because they don't stay at the right place. But, that is not the scene with We-Vibe Sync. You can allow yourself to enjoy multiple orgasms while you are using it!
  • When you are masturbating with your hands, it does not move back and forth on the clitoris. That is a hell of a victory on its own! But this does not stand in the place to achieve hands-free orgasm.

Takes care of both G-spot and Clitoris

Many couples vibrators have a buzzy and weak motor. Imagine how frustrating that could be when you are on the edge of having an orgasm with your partner, but the weak motor of the vibrator is stopping you from achieving one!

We-Vibe Review

But unlike the other ordinary couples vibrator, the motor of We-Vibe Sync is pretty strong and cool. Sometimes, it is so good that your climax comes too fast! Now, this was about the clitoris motor.

The story of the G-spot motor is pretty different. Do not expect much from it.

  • Remote Control and App Control

The app of We-Vibe Sync works pretty great! The beauty of the toy is, it is not limited by distance. Even if your partner is sitting on the other side of the world, they can still control your orgasm.

The remote can be controlled from up to 3 meters to switch different vibration modes and intensity if we talk about the remote.

  • Noise level

Talking about the noise level offers a discreet value, especially when the vibrator is in your vagina. As long as you have doors, it shall be able to block the vibration sounds, even if it's turned on to its maximum intensity!

What's in the Box of We-Vibe Sync❓

We-Vibe Sync Review
  • Sync couples vibrator The world’s best vibrator for couples
  • USB cable USB for charging via any USB port or widely available USB power adapter (not included)
  • Quick-start user guide Illustrated, multi-language instruction manual
  • Wireless remote control Advanced remote with intensity control
  • Storage case / Charging base Discreet storage case; Full charge in 2 hours, our most rapid charging system
  • We-Vibe Lube™— made by pjur®2ml sample
  • Colors available Purple / Aqua

The toy is beautifully designed and presented. With its first look, you will fall in love with the vibrator! The package arrives in a plain box with a discreet label.

All the important information and the appealing functions are presented in the box. There is nothing much to talk about the box, as it's a decent wrapping that comes with what we expect it to be.

But the charger is worth mentioning! The toy comes with a magnetic charging case, and this case also functions as a storage dock for the vibrator and its remote control.

Other than this, the case is visually very discreet. You can put it anywhere, and no one will notice that it is a sex toy in it!

How to use the We-Vibe Sync❓

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Sync by We-Vibe is a versatile toy, and you can control it in the following three ways:

  • The most convenient method will be to control the toy with its buttons. To turn the Sync on, press the power button for 3-5 seconds. There are 10 different vibration models, so you can check every one of them out and set it according to your level of intensity.
  • Other than this, you can control the toy with its remote button. The remote comes with different buttons, and you can set the intensity according to your need. You can also pair the remote control by clicking and holding the top arrow button.
  • The last option would be to control the We-Vibe Sync with its app. The app is free of cost, and you can have your partner control the vibrator from any corner of the world.

How much is the We-Vibe Sync Rate Online?

We-Vibe Sync Rating Bar 📊

The reviews on the LoveHoney website, one of the sites that We-Vibe Sync is sold in the UK, are largely favorable! Many users say that this vibrator has changed their sex lives for the better.

Other than this, some women comment positively that they use it solo for deep orgasms, thanks to the intense rumbles We-Vibe Sync makes.

But unfortunately, the reviews for the We-Vibe app are not very positive. Many users complain about the Bluetooth connectivity and the app crashing. And the microphone and the video functions are virtually redundant.

The most exciting fact is that not many reviews focus on the standalone feature of We-Vibe Sync. How it is a great fit for couples and how this device elevates a couple's sexual life.

It narrows down that the efforts needed as a couple are not worth the output when it comes to this bit of sex tech.

Maintenance of We-Vibe Sync

It is fairly easy to clean the Sync as it's completely water-proof. But you must clean the toy before and after each use. To do that, simply take some soap water and clean the surfaces of the toy thoroughly with it.

We-Vibe Sync

You can also take warm water, then dry thoroughly and store it in a storage box. You need to make sure that the toy is fully dried before you put it back in the case. This will prolong the working life of the toy.

Note It!

⚠When you are using sync, it is recommended to use a water-based lube with it. Lubricants that are water-based or oil-based can leave irreversible marks and damages on the toy. Especially if the material is silicone, it is always recommended to use a water-based lube with it.

🌟We-Vibe Sync FAQ

How does We-Vibe protect our personal information?

We-Vibe takes care of your privacy. Visit here for more information.

What is the motive of We-Vibe Sync?

Sync was created to be enjoyed while having sex with your partner. With its adjustable fit for more or less pressure and the free We-Connect app, you can personalize your pleasure.

We-Vibe Sync 💥

  • Worth Spending Money
  • No-Guilt Factor


Now the final question rises to whether or not We-Vibe Sync is a good choice for couples! Well, I cannot say for sure that this device is for couple play. But, We-Vibe Sync is the best for solo play!
Even if you are a person who does not get orgasms often, I can claim the fact that while using Sync, you will have multiple orgasms!
I admit that Sync is a little bit pricey as compared to its competitors. But, everything good thing has its own price! I hope that you must have liked our We-Vibe Sync Review! Happy Masturbating!