Tinder Gold, the paid premium service for dating apps, is available to iOS Tinder users in the US today and will be tested in Canada, the UK, Mexico, and Germany later this month. As reported by The Verge, Tinder claims that Tinder Gold will help users get 60% more likes than the free version.

Today we will be offering an in-depth ✅Tinder Gold Review, a dating platform. Whare you can save your precious time and money by upgrading to Tinder Gold.

Tinder Gold members will get access to exclusive features of the dating app such as Passport, Rewind, unlimited likes, and five superlikes a day, a one-time boost every month, and more profile checks.

Tinder Gold Review

Tinder Gold Review

Reason to Upgrade Tinder Gold

  • Tinder Gold helps you save time by allowing you to see who likes you.
  • 60% More likes on your profile
  • If you want to get more popular on Tinder, Get Tinder Gold NOW!

In-depth Tinder Gold Review

Tinder Gold Review

Tinder Gold has the same features, but for an additional $4.99 in addition to the Plus fee, you can see who's taping on you. With Tinder Gold, members can identify themselves with a golden heart next to their username.

When you first open the app, the first thing you'll see is that there are two new features in this version of Tinder – “Gold” and “Platinum.” These are upgrades from the regular free version, which comes with limited options. 

The main distinction between these versions is that they offer more advanced search filters and additional profile information such as location, age, occupation, etc. You can also see who has viewed your profile before.

Tinder Gold is for you if you like rapid gratification while swiping on a dating app.

Tinder's premium subscription, similar to Bumble's BeeLine, allows you to peruse through profiles of local individuals who have already “liked” your profile. That means if there's a mutual interest, you'll have an instant Tinder match.

You'll also get 4-10 “Top Picks,” which are local singles selected by the app's algorithm just for you.

Is the convenience, however, worth the price tag that comes with it? You'll learn everything you need to evaluate if Tinder Gold is worth it, from a list of included features to pros and disadvantages to cost.

What is the price of Tinder Gold?

A Tinder Gold subscription costs roughly $29.99 per month, with discounts available if you sign up for 6 or 12 months in advance:

Tinder Gold Pricing

The exact price you'll pay is determined by factors such as your location and the current promotions available when you sign up.

What are the features of Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold Features

#Likes you

You'll see the profiles of everyone who has swiped right on your profile since you last opened the app. You can then auto-match, dismiss, or view the remainder of their profile by clicking on a photo.

When going through the broader pool of matches, you'll still be able to see who has swiped right on your profile. Search for profiles that have a yellow heart icon.

#Tinder Boosts

Upgrading provides you with one free Tinder Boost every month, which means your profile will appear at the top of the queues for all users in your area for 30 minutes.

Additional Boosts can be purchased singly or in small quantities for a discounted price.

#Curated Matches

Every day, you'll get between 4 and 10 Tinder Picks, which you can view by tapping the gold diamond icon at the top of the page.

#Top picks

Every day, your top picks will change, so swipe right whenever you're interested.

Tinder Gold Top picks

You'll see your daily Top Picks presented in a friendly grid style, similar to the “Likes You” feed, with even more handy labels so you can see one of their primary selling features in an instant.

#Feed Your Ego

When you check at your match queue, you can see how many new likes you have right away:

From the Settings screen, you may control the “New Likes” notifications:


 Subscribers to Tinder Gold get an extra 5 Super Likes per week.

All Tinder Plus Features Are Available

Tinder Gold is one rung above Tinder Plus; thus, a Gold subscription includes all additional features.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • Controlling visibility and other privacy features
  • Rewind (undo your last swipe)
  • Obtaining a passport (change your location)
  • There are no advertisements.
  • Swiping to the right is unlimited.

If you want to use more than the number provided in your Gold membership, you can purchase Boosts and SuperLikes as in-app purchases.

Pros & Cons


  • Tinder Picks is a function that curates a daily selection of matches exclusively for you.
  • You don't have to swipe to match, which is lovely if you only have a few minutes.
  • From the “Likes You” grid, you may swipe right on numerous profiles at once, which can save you a lot of time.
  • Boost and Super Like features ensure that more singles see your profile in your region.
  • By masking your age and distance from other people, you can control what information is visible.


  • It isn't going to improve your Tinder game miraculously. You can't avoid the double opt-in component; you'll still need compelling images and words to entice women to swipe right.
  • Tinder Gold's most valuable feature is the ability to see which singles have previously liked your profile. By swiping, you can find out for free.
  • You may be overpaying for features you don't require. If you never travel, for example, you don't need the flexibility to modify your location. And if your profile isn't getting lots of “likes,” you're in for a lot of money in irritation.

🌟Tinder Gold FAQ

❓What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is an option for Tinder paid members. Users can swipe through an unlimited amount of potential matches. Tinder Gold gives users extra features, such as seeing your matches before they appear in your regular queue, a new Boost feature for premium users, and more.

❓How can Tinder Gold help users?

Tinder Gold offers a monthly subscription to users.
-Unlimited likes
-1 free Boost per month
-5 Super Likes per day
-A new “Passport” feature, which lets users swipe in different geographic locations, such as New York City or London.

❓Is Tinder Gold worth it for a girl?

Yes, Tinder Gold is worth it for females. It's like an upgrade. You get more of the kind of features you want. It is the best of the 2 options for Tinder users, as it lets you see who has already liked you, gives you more control over what you see on the app, and lets you message people freely without worrying about the countdown.

What's the best time to boost on Tinder?

The best time to use Tinder Boost corresponds to the most active hours on the app. According to personal experience, the best time to use Tinder Boost is when most people are actively swiping on the online dating app.

Tinder Gold Review

  • Amazing Features
  • Best Price
  • More likes on your profile


The features that Tinder Gold has to offer come to little or no use. 
Save your time, money, and energy! It would be far more advantageous to stick with Tinder Plus rather than Tinder Gold.
Try these few tips to get more Tinder Matches!
Put your best face forward: 
It's all about you right now. For your primary photograph, you should be the only person in the frame.
In comparison to the background, you “pop.” Images featuring a lot of contrast between the subject and the location were consistently judged as more appealing.
It's a close-up shot from a medium distance. The upper two-thirds of your body should be visible.
Your eyes are visible to her. Hide behind your sunglasses, bangs, or whatever else. It's sexy to make eye contact.
Using multiple photos:
Profiles with three photos received five times the number of matches as profiles with only one photograph.
The key to success is to choose a variety of photographs that depict an active, enjoyable lifestyle. When the potential match browses through your photos, they will be envisioning what it's like to spend time with you, so choose your lineup carefully.
Get a second opinion once you've narrowed down your choices. One instance where seeking the counsel of strangers can be pretty beneficial.
People who are unfamiliar with your appearance are better at selecting your best images than you are. A stranger, according to research, can notice things like micro-expressions that you overlook – and those small details might make a tremendous difference.
Make that bio strong:
Adding a bio to your Tinder profile could triple your match rate, despite Tinder being mostly photo-based. It is not easy just because it is short. When you're working with less than 500 characters, every word counts.
Announcing that you're only there to hook up (even if you are). Maintaining a classy profile will attract more high-quality women.
Trying — and failing – to be humorous. Because humor is so subjective, it cannot be easy to pull off on dating services. Take a look at these hilarious tinder profiles that work.
Instead of showing, I'm writing. Many men default to creating an uninteresting set of adjectives to describe themselves. Instead of “I'm adventurous,” write a phrase about the time you attempted kitesurfing or eating a scorpion or anything else you did that was truly adventurous. You begin to generate attraction when you start to form genuine emotional relationships.
Have fun with your Tinder matches!