Women using sex machines have always been taboo in our society. But the '80s saw the rise of the Sybian – a saddle sex machine that liberated women more than ever before, enabling them to explore their sexuality in the privacy of their own homes without the need for a man.

Even if you are a woman, you have every right to explore your sexual needs. And in today's time, there are multiple sex toys available in the market that can help with sexual desires.

6 Awesome Sybian 2022

There is no shame to admit that you are using a vibrator or something in your daily chores! Maybe in the previous days, these things were considered taboo, but now all people are open-minded.
With our list, you will see how 2022's women live up to fulfill their sexual expectations by themselves! These women are hardcore, and they do not need any men to accompany them! Yay!

What is a Sybian Machine?

6 Awesome Sybian 2021

The Sybian is a popular brand name of a saddle sex machine that became very popular in the late 1980s. Since then, it has continued to grow in popularity while inspiring others to create similar riding sex toys.

The Sybian machine for women to sit on the top, with a mechanical dildo being attached to the top of it. It can move in and out of the women's vagina, helping her to masturbate without the support of a man.

It comes with many settings and vibrating patterns to be enjoyed. The machine is such a phenomenon that it has even been reviewed by the topmost major outlets worldwide.

For many years, this product has been at the top of the business! In today's time, the Sybian brand is all about helping women get the type of sexual pleasure they want, and also, the saddle machine comes with several “Penis attachments.” The penises are so real-looking that a woman will feel like they are hoping for a real penis🍆

How does this machine work?


On this machine, the woman needs to sit on the top of the machine. She can attach the massager or dildo of her choice, switch the machine on, and allow the pleasure to take into her.

She can use the device for all sorts of masturbatory pleasure, and she can even use the Sybian machine during her intercourse with her partner. She can allow her partner to watch her during her intercourse or even ask him to join in the fun.

The woman has the freedom to choose her swirling movements, vibrations, pulses, and many more settings.

Brief History of Sybian

Dave Lampert, the inventor of The Sybian first had the bright idea of a female stimulation machine back in the early 1970s. In 1987, the first Sybian machine was released. Things have not changed much by then, apart from the name. The vibrating sex saddle has become very famous by then because of its swirling features! It was a revolution in sexual intimacy, and the vibrations of these machines are even felt by now!

The Best 6 Awesome Sybians that are worth trying!

We have scraped down for you the Best 6 Awesome Sybians that will help any woman fulfill their sexual needs.

Top Pick

#1. The Tremor Rock & Roll Sex Machine

  • This Tremor sex machine comes with an affordable price tag of $849. They have adopted the old traditional saddle design, so it is not as wide as the Sybian, making it easier to handle.
  • But sadly, the material of this machine is not exceptionally rich-looking. In fact, but its appearance, it looks like a regular cheap toy. The sex straddle toys may have originated in the '80s, but The Tremor looks like it was built in the 80s! (Pun intended.)

But this sex machine delivers a big buzz and a more powerful rotation power than the original Sybian!
So, with fewer bucks, you will get more bangs!

Original Sybian
Original Sybian
Original Sybian

#2. Original Sybian

If the original Sybians were not invented in the first place, you wouldn't be reading this article at all! They started the legacy that these other brands are carrying for this day.
  • The Original Sybian comes with changeable attachments and differently-sized mechanical dildos, which give every woman the right to choose their comfort.
  • Now imagine this situation. If you were a woman from the 1980s who was looking for some mind-blowing sexual experience, then this machine would have probably blown your mind.
  • And even after all this time, the Original Sybian manages to blow our minds with their machine formation.
now $365.00
Save $5.00


#3. The MotorBunny Starter Kit

The MotorBunny Starter Kit is somehow similar to the Original Sybian but comprises some other benefits to their merits. First of all, let us talk about the 4 stainless steel eyelets! These eyelets are the game changer!
  • The 2 outlets at the front of the machine and the 2 outlets at the back of the machine are used to restrain wrists and ankles. Or, if you like a little pain with your pleasure, you can use the nipple clamps as well.
  • Restricted orgasm on a forced sexual machine? Well, that is a dream of every BDSM lover!
  • The Motorbunny is cheaper than the original Sybian, but it still costs $900! So, you might want to rethink the pricing option if you are considering buying this one.
now $899.00
Save $446.00
Cowgirl Riding Sex-Machine
Cowgirl Riding Sex-Machine
Cowgirl Riding Sex-Machine

#4. The Cowgirl Riding Sex-Machine

If money is not a problem for you, then you must go with Cowgirl Riding Premium Sex-Machine. Its plain black, faux leather design is the sexiest alternative to the original Sybian in our humble option.
  • Retailing at $1499, this machine features a handcrafted padded and contours saddle, making it one of the coziest machines to straddle in.
  • The only disappointment is that this machine does not offer the number of features that it should have with the given price tag.
  • It only comes with 2 attachments— the ‘Rawhide' for clitoral stimulation and the ‘Wild West' for combined penetration and clitoral fun.
  • But they say the machine is 100% silicon! So we guess it is like, quality over quantity!
now $1,295.00 
Save $205.00
 Liberator Bonbon
Liberator Bonbon

#5. Liberator Bonbon Dildo Saddle

The Liberator Bonbon Dildo Saddle is a great pick at only $95! But this saddle is a DIY device that means you provide your attachments and vibrating penises!
  • The saddle is made from supportive foam covered in removable and machine washable faux leather! The material does feel soft against the skin.
  • You can improvise this machine with a double penetrate dildo or get a male partner involved! In short, if you are on a tight budget, this machine is a go-go!
now $74.29
Save $5.7

Rumble Seat
Rumble Seat
Rumble Seat

#6. Rumble Seat

The Rumble seat is the cheapest bargain at $180! The design of the Rumble seat is stunningly simple and has a quite sleek and futuristic design. But its usefulness end right there.
  • If you are a beginner in the world of sex machines and want to take a few baby steps first, then this machine is the ideal deal for you
now $16.66/m
Save $75/year

How much does an average Sybian Cost?


The original Sybian costs $1,245 – a little steep for most pockets, BUT this is no run-of-the-mill sex toy. This is a sophisticated piece of choice expertly designed for women, but brave men can get on board with this machine too! The sole purpose of this machine is to deliver ultimate melting orgasms!

Tips to use a Sybian Machine

There are a few tips one needs to keep in their mind when they consider using a Sybian machine:


  • Positioning
    The inventor of the Sybian, Dave Lampert, discovered the girl on the top position, also known as the Cowgirl position.
    With the help of this information, he redesigned the Sybian machine to recreate this sexual position, with the woman sitting on the top of the piece like she is riding a horse. If you want to use this machine, try to keep it up with the cowgirl position.
  • Go Slowly
    If you want to use this machine correctly, you have to start using this machine slowly. For this reason, we would recommend first using the Sybian on a slower vibrating setting to massage the clitoris.
  • Try Different Attachments
    There are multiple attachments available for the Sybian. Some of them are designed for the external clitoris, and some are designed for pleasuring the internal part of the vagina. So, even if one of the attachment knobs does not work for you, you can always try the other one! Every woman likes different sexual experiences!
  • Use Lube
    Even if you do not use Lube in regular sex, you have to use a sex machine. The reason behind this is, when you are having sex with a real person, you first go through foreplay that makes you wet or lubricated!
    But sadly, there are no foreplays with sex machines! So, you have to use lube, regardless of which kind of machine you are using. As most of the machine is made of silicone, it is recommended to use a water-based lube.
  • Put the machine on a soft surface
    If you live in a building with thin walls and floors, try using the Sybian machine on a soft surface to reduce the noise. For instance, using the machine on a soft carpet or a duvet would probably make less noise than using it on a hard wooden floor.

🌟Sybian FAQ

❓What are the benefits of using Sybian?

The Sybian is a reliable device that delivers strong vibration during long rides. It's easy to clean and can't get you pregnant because the vibrations don't travel past its skin, making it safer than most other handheld vibes out there! You don't contract sexually transmitted diseases from riding your own Sybian. Make for better general stimulation of the vulva or clitoris, plus its robust construction makes cleaning easier.

❓Does Sybian offer International Shipping?

Most nations are eligible for international shipping. For further information, visit International Customers.

❓Does Sybian have any user manuals?

Yes. Sybian has an Instruction Manual is available as a PDF download here.

❓Does Sybian offer rental?

Sybian offers a more secure and private method to try before you buy. For a 45-day free trial, go here.

6 Awesome Sybian 2022- Best Sex Machine

  • Ultimate Guide to the Sybian


We hope you were satisfied with our Ultimate Guide to the Sybian, Plus 6 Awesome Sybian machines! They all are great. You only need to pick one that can satisfy your burning desires!
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