To be frank, we do not emphasize the face of the pornstars. We are usually on any porn site to book ourselves a great time! What is more important is that these hoes bring the best out of every scene we watch.

Today, we are going to take a look at ✅ 15 Pornstars with and without makeup!

I mean, come on, I know that the face of the porn star hardly bothers us, but, we always have this urge to see our favorite celebrity without makeup.

What❓ Do not tell me that you have not searched ‘Kim Kardashian with our makeup' in your entire life! I used to search for all my favorite celebrities when I was a child, and yet, I do the same.

After all, a lot of women tend to look drastically different when they are without makeup. The same goes for most adult actresses.


You will be surprised to see that ‘Most' of the porn stars still look beautiful without makeup. I used the keyword ‘Most' because some of them look dreadful.
What are we waiting for then? Let's get started with the good stuff! Fasten your seat belt because I am taking you on a ride of non-makeup life!

List of 15 Best Pornstars

15 Pornstars With and Without Makeup

Let us go through the sexy & busty Pornstars:

Cassandra Nix

Cassandra Nix

  • Cassandra Nix is famous on the adult platform for her sultry looks! She is tall, beautiful, and relatively young!
  • With the combination, Cassandra is best known for her anal performances, rough BDSM, and hot lesbian sex!

Without makeup, she looks like a regular next-door type which is a complete contrast to her looks. She does not look horny without foundation on her face!
In short, there is not much difference between her makeup and non-makeup looks. You can watch this cutie's performances on free and paid platforms.

Elle Alexandra

Elle Alexandra

  • Elle Alexandra is a red-head beauty of all Pornstars with an intense pale look and curvy body! In her scenes, she looks too hot to handle!
  • She is famous for her lesbian love-making scenes, sucking big dicks, and getting fucked by frat guys.

We have to admit, Elle Alexandra looks even cuter without makeup. She looks very decent and beautiful. Decent yet nothing spectacular.

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

  • Chanel Preston has proven again and again that she is the best in the adult business. Not just with her scenes on but also on other sites too.
  • She has won many awards for her brilliant performances in the anal and threesome love-making scenes. Seeing her without makeup was a little disappointing for us.

She looks too innocent to get fucked by an army of boys. But who are we kidding? If Chanel Preston just put her hair down, we'd hit our boner.

Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige

  • If we judge her by her face, Proxy Paige will not spark our interest that much. I mean, she has a brilliant body and, we know how nasty her work is!
  • She takes down multiple men at once with her curvy body and big boobs!

But I have to admit her face does not do magic. You will hardly get turned on if you watch ger without makeup. But, if you see her performances in some of her scenes, you will know how much dirtier things we are talking about! She has a unique way of sucking dicks and, that is enough to turn any man's toy hard.

Kat Dior

Kat Dior

  • Kat Dior looks seductive without makeup. If you have seen this Latin beauty in action, you would know what I am talking about.
  • The busty spinner looks hot when she strips down her clothes.
  • She has a curvaceous body, with huge boobs and a juicy ass. To be frank, I did not notice much change in her makeup look. To me, she looked just as sensual as she is with a bare face too!

  • To be frank, I did not notice much change in her makeup look. To me, she looked just as sensual as she is with a bare face too!

  • #6.
    Tori Black

    Tori Black

    • Tori Black is an award-winning star and, her real name is Michelle Chapman. She doe snot muster up too much courage to show her bare face looks.
    • She looks just as beautiful without makeup too.

  • If only she puts some lipstick and eye shadow on, she will look as sultry as she does in her scenes! If you are curious to know how this bitch looks without her clothes on, do visit

  • #7.
    Tatiyana Foxx

    Tatiyana Foxx

    • Are those just the lights, or does Tatiyana Foxx's skin looks lighter when she puts her makeup on?
    • Well, no matter to me. She looks more beautiful and natural without makeup to me.

    With a fine ass and natural boobs, Tatiyana Foxx manages to steal the spotlight when she comes in front of the camera!
    She has something unique in her performances that lures the audience to her videos.
    If you want to see some nasty performances of hers, you can visit!

    Puma Swede

    Puma Swede

    • Those who do not know, we must tell you that Puma Swedeis a mature blond with a thick curvy body and tight boobs!
    • I mean, she is a hit as long as she is in front of the camera! Puma Swede is famous for her animal-fucking love.

    But, as soon as those fake eyelashes wear off, we all go yikes! I mean, I do not want to sound this rude but, what is wrong with those features of her face? All the best to all the men that wake up beside her after a hot sex session!

    Sophie Dee

    Sophie Dee

    • Sophie Dee is a UK beauty, and we have all seen her performances in some of the dirtiest movies she has done!
    • But, I have to admit the fact that seeing her without makeup was such a turn-off. I mean, her bare face doe not do justice to what is there below the neck area.

    With makeup, she looks like a Goddess with an entirely irresistible figure! Her bare face ruined what I saw in her movies. It cannot be unseen now.

    Anissa Kate

    Anissa Kate

    • French brunette Anissa Kate is a French beauty with boos like a goddess! No task is too hard for this brunette pornstar. If you want to show your dick a good time, call her up.
    • However, without makeup, Anissa Kate looks a bit tired. But we know that what might wake her up!

    Big dicks will make her day! If you want her to do something to your dick, she will do everything she can to show you a good time.
    If you want to watch ger dirty performances, visit now.

    Allie Haze

    Allie Haze

    • Allie Haze is 31 but still looks young for her age.
    • It does not matter if she has applied makeup or not; her curvaceous body is enough to every ex-lover's appetite!

    Everyone here knows that she has a great body and juicy ass to uncover under those clothes! If you do not believe us, you can see her performance for yourself on

    Eva Notty

    Eva Notty

    • Eva Notty looks better even without makeup! I don't know if it is just me, or she looks even better without makeup!
    • With makeup on, she looks like a fucking pornstar who teases cock!

    But without makeup, she looks like a lady whom we can fall in love with! She has bright features that can make any man's heart look!
    Well, it does not matter which one you prefer; you can watch her nasty work on

    Veruca James

    Veruca James

    • I gotta admit, Veruca looks a little less creepy without her makeup! I mean, she has a thick body and big boobs, but her contouring is pretty much over the line in every video of hers!
    • Without her devilish makeup, she looks too cute not to fuck! With her little hair-do, she is all ready to get banged by an army of black men!

    If you need proof, you can check her work. She is one of the pornstars with short hair, and some people find that kinky.

    Jada Stevens

    Jada Stevens

    • A pair of juicy tits is hiding underneath that top.
    • Further down, you will also find the best bubble butt in the whole damn town! Our entire team is ready to pay any cost to get between Jada Stevens's legs.

    Whether she is sitting back at home with her bare looks or ready to shoot some porn, she is still the most desired bangable beauty for us! You can check her work on

    Dana Daniels

    Dani Daniels

    • Dani Daniels has multiple qualities that make us woo over her. She might not be beautiful in an obvious way, but she is still the queen of our hearts for various reasons!
    • It might be her juicy tits and booty that make us fall in love with her again and again.
    • Faced with a choice of banging this pornstar without makeup, we would be glad to give her the best three minutes of her life.

    If you want to see her best performances, do visit

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    🌟15 Pornstar FAQ

    🤔What are your thoughts on the latest makeup trends in porn?

    I love it. It's more natural and comfortable.

    🤔What do you think of porn stars with makeup?

    They're more attractive than without makeup.

    ❓Do you prefer pornstars with or without makeup?

    -With makeup (women)
    -Without Makeup (men)

    ❓Do you think that pornstars wear too much makeup?

    No, I love the time and effort they put into their look.

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    That was it in our list of 15 pornstars with and without makeup! If you are turned on already, click on the link below to see this beauty's work!