There are many sex toys available in the market for sexual pleasure. Regardless of your gender, you could find different things to satisfy various parts of your body.

Just like that, there are many Masturbators available in the market, but nothing can compare to Lovense Max 2. Yes, my dear friends. Today I am going to present an ultimate βœ…Lovense Max 2 Review for our sexy male audience.

Lovense Max 2

Lovense has offered premium quality sex toys since forever. Everyone knows this thing that no other sex toys can compare to the built-up quality of Lovense Products.
Regardless of your gender, you can find different sex toys here that can work miracles for you. But what sets Max 2 apart from the other masturbates in the market?
As you must know, Lovense Max 2 is a state-of-the-art Bluetooth masturbating dildo that is primarily designed for the user to connect his device to other users for long-distance play wirelessly.
If you are a gay couple in a long-distance relationship, you can have every drop of your sexual desire satisfied with this device.

Furthermore, your partner can keep complete control over the intensity. Thus, even if you are heterosexual, you can seek the enormous advantages of this ultimate masturbator.

Every person likes to cum, no matter if he is a man or a woman. They want their lust to get fulfilled, like to have multiple orgasms. And Lovense claims that with Max 2, you can start living your fantasy dream every day and every night!

Even if you are at a cafe or just hanging out with your friends, your partner can make you wet in seconds.

The list of the benefits is very long. However, it does not stop here. So without wasting any more time, let us get to know a lot more about Lovense Max 2!

An Overview on Lovense


Lovense is a Singapore-based company that manufacturers teledildonic sex toys. It is primarily known for making VR and innovative sex toys, controlled via Bluetooth using the Lovense app.

The company was founded when its founder was in a long-distance relationship, which elevated his interest in teledildonics.

Since then, Lovense has launched various sex toys, including a Bluetooth butt plug controlled at a long distance and an oscillating G-spot massager.

What is Lovense Max 2?


The Max was one of the first sex toys designed by a sex toy innovator Lovense founded in 2010. Their teledildonic devices known as Max and Nora were launched to elevate and satisfy the sexual spikes of the human body.

πŸ’• Lovense set out to make one of the best tools for men by drawing their original concept from smartphone technology. The original Max has created by keeping the young body in mind. Therefore it was not widely available in the market.

But as soon as they launched Max 2 with highly supportive features, men started to swoon to this dildo. Slowly Max 2 became one of the best-selling sex toys worldwise. It is profoundly known for its premium quality body, effectiveness, and long-duration usage.

The Lovense Max 2 has been built upon its predecessor by featuring 360-degree contractions, an upgraded skin-like sleeve, improved performance, and an extended vibrator, all housed in a revamped exterior.

The toy treats the solo sex very well, but Max 2 wins hearts regarding its connectivity features and potential to add another sexual partner to your kinky game.

Max Upgrades

Max Upgrades

From 2010 to the present, Lovense has continuously improved its product quality by consistently taking its customer's feedback. The Max 2 has released upgrades every year to make it more satisfying for all their customers. Some of the enhancements include:

  • Enhancing water-resistance
  • Design updates to both software and hardware
  • Improvement in case design and material
  • Improved charging process
  • Enhancement in the sensors
  • Better outside packaging and presentation
  • Specifications of the masturbatory sleeve
  • Enhanced vibration strength and customizing
  • An air vent for customizable power to complement vibration and stroke patterns

With the release of Max 2 in 2019, Lovense has continued its legacy of improving product quality.

What is in the Lovense Max 2 Box?

Lovense Max 2 comes in a box that displays the image of the product at the top. Unfortunately, there is not much of an instruction guide present in the box, just the Max 2 and its charging supplies.

Below is the list of the things included:

  • Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator (Incuding Neutral Hole Sleeve)
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Quick Setup Guide

Top Pick
Lovense Max 2 Specifications


  • Diameter: 3.33 inches
  • Length: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 580 grams
  • Materials: ABS/Skin-like TPE
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable
  • Battery Life: 2-3 hours
βœ” Material

We might not focus on mechanism and digital customization when searching for a sex toy, but we look into the product's material. The sex toy penetrates deep into your body, so it is crucial to know what material that particular object is using.

Below given is the complete breakdown of Lovense Max 2 material:

βœ” ABS Plastic

The Max 2 is made from ABS Plastic, which is a highly durable thermoplastic material. If properly taken care of, ABS sex toys can last for years.

The incredible thing about ABS plastic is that it is non-porous. There is a negative chance of bacterias getting trapped in it. The material is smooth and sleek for better penetration.

ABS Plastic can glide more generously into the human vagina or anal if used with a water-based lube. The material is also odorless, so it is excellent for people who have sensitive noses.

ABS Plastic conducts vibration with precision, and the material is easy to hold while getting anything done.

βœ” TPE

The fleshy sleeve of the Max 2 is made from akin-like TPE or Thermoplastic elastomer. TPE is a form of silicon rubber recommended for creating realistic molds that can closely mimic human genitalia.

Toys like Max 2 should always be used with water-based lubricants to avoid any hazard or material breakdown.

TPE is an excellent choice for all people with sensitive skin or allergic reactions to foreign objects' skin contact.

The key features of the material are:

  • Good vibration conductivity
  • Hypoallergenic, odorless, non-toxic
  • Needs to be used with water-based lubrication
  • Smooth, comfortable materials
  • Skin-like realistic interior, slick futuristic exterior
βœ” Shape and Size

The size of the Max 2 enables it to be ideal for all users. The device is created by keeping the human grip in mind. But as this device offers hands-free orgasm, you do not have to worry about the size.

The design of Max 2 is aesthetically discreet. By look, it will seem like a Bluetooth speaker. However, it will surely go unnoticed when placed on a nightstand and is small enough to keep inside any drawer.


  • 360-Degree Contractions
    Yes, literally! The Lovense Max 2 has deep contractions that suck your cock and never let it go. This feature ave the potential to bring any men down to their knees.
    Furthermore, there is an additional vent at the bottom of the device. You can control the suction force from there. And the intense suction makes you feel like your penis is getting swallowed by the masturbator.
    With stroking motions, the device mimics the job of a real blowjob.
  • Premium Quality Skin-Like Sleeve
    Lovense Max 2 went out of their way to offer nothing but the best sleeve. The material of the sleeve is 100% hypoallergic and has a pliable and stretchy feel to it.
    Max 2 comes with a clear sleeve containing many nodules and bumps. It is just similar to the other high-end cock sucking masturbators. But if in case that is not your thing, Lovense offers a fresh-colored vagina sleeve as well.
  • Remote Controlled
    We live in an interconnected world nowadays, and like that, we want our loved ones to be constantly connected. So why not sex toys can be linked?
    With Lovense Max 2, Bluetooth is accompanied and can be controlled by any region. It eventually helps you to partner up and plays your dirty game remotely.
    There will be no need to search for batteries or fiddly remotes. Only your smartphone will be enough.
    Lovense Max 2 offers stable remote functionality via Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Along with that, it has an official app that works seamlessly with any device.
    If your partner has Max or Max 2, you can integrate both the devices, and you fuck each other as both the toys are designed to react based on your partner's drive.
  • Sync With VR Games
    Lovense also offers a VR platform called ‘Mirrorlife,' and Max 2 has been optimized to provide in-game sexual experiences.
    After connecting the device to the masturbator, just click on the ‘Have Sex' button and enjoy!
  • Accommodating Size
    The Lovense Max 2 offers an insertable length of up to 6.7 inches and 6 inches of girth, making most men thrust profoundly and enjoy the max!
    Lovense claims that up to 95% of the male population will be able to use this toy.
  • Rechargeable
    The most attractive features of Max 2 are the different sets of contractions and vibrating patterns it can dish out.
    None of the features work out without power.
    And nothing could be worse than coming home after a tiring day, just to find out that your masturbator is running out of batteries!
    Lovense made the Max 2 rechargeable and consisted of a magnetic USB charging cable to simplify the process.
  • Noise
    As far as the discrepancy of the noise level is concerned, you will not get a lot of benefit from this part. It can be very noisy, and there is no way that your roommate will not hear you pleasuring yourself from the other side of the wall.

Lovense Max 2 Pros and Cons


  • It has an enjoyable skin-like feel
  • Decent battery lifespan
  • Great combination of vibration patterns and suction motion
  • The material used to make the Max 2 is safe for your health
  • It is discreet
  • Lovense Max 2 can help improve intimacy in long-distance relationships
  • You can integrate music into your play sessions


  • Not Water-proof
  • Poor connection with the app
  • Customers complain about the width and depth of the device
  • Lacks in terms of appeal

Ways to use Lovense Max 2

Ways to use Lovense Max 2

There are unlimited ways to improvise the Max 2 usage. As previously mentioned, no matter if you are a Homo or a Hetro, you can still find many uses to use this device.

With Lovense Max 2, you have to sit back and let this device do all your dirty work. You do not have to use your hands at all.

Lovense Max 2 4 Way

Below are some of the ways to improvise Lovense Max 2 in your sexual life:


Solo Play

  • Solo play is an essential thing you can get out of Max 2. Apply water-based lube to your cock, penetrate it in the chamber, and sit back.
  • You can control the device with your phone and control the intensity and vibrating patterns.

Long-Distance Play

  • In this, you can let your partner control things for you. Install the Lovense app on their smartphone, and let them play with you in any type they want by sitting around another corner of the world.
  • Or do vice-versa and experiment with a single tap to see which sensation drives your partner wild.


  • Give your partner access to your sensuality. Just install the Lovense app on their phone, and let them witness you getting wild with your dick inside the Max 2.

Steps to set up Lovense Max 2

Before you start using Max 2, ensure that the device is fully charged via its charging cable.

Rotate the cable 180 degrees if the light fails to turn red as you charge the toy. When the device is charged, the light will automatically turn off.

There are two buttons available in Max 2:

Button A

Lovense Max 2 Review

Press hold the first button for about 3 seconds until the light starts to flash green.

The first button can also toggle the three vibration modes– the first press will activate the lowest vibration, and the last press will activate the highest vibration.

Button B

Lovense Max

Press and hold the second button to toggle between the air pump settings. The first press will activate subtle contractions, and the last one will trigger the highest contractions.

Usage and Care

Before you use the device:

  • Make sure it is clean properly.
  • For effective cleaning, remove the sleeve of the toy and wash it separately.
  • Always keep in mind not to use soap to clean the toy, degrading the quality.
  • For better results, invest in good quality toy cleaner.
Lovense Max 2 Guide
Lovense Max2

Make sure that the air vent of the Max 2 is closed before you wash it. Always use warm water to clean. After that, store and dry it in a cool place.

Before penetration, make sure to use a lot of water-based lube on your cock and the inside of the sleeve. Water-based lubes tend to dry quickly, so you may need to reapply them often.

If the toy feels too tight around your penis, you can use the adjustable air vent to adjust the suction quickly. In addition, by covering and uncovering, you may be able to improve the sensation.

As you use Max 2, you might have to adjust the settings if you start feeling uncomfortable.

To do this, use the quick air release, which you will find right next to the charging port of the toy.

Warning ⚠

There are a few things that you need to keep in your mind while using Max 2:

🌟 Always keep the Lovense Max 2 away from extreme cold and hot temperatures.
🌟 Never let the device toy's button come in contact with water,
🌟 Avoid using oil or silicone-based lubes as it can affect the quality of the sleeve.
🌟 Make sure that you recharge Max 2 at least once every six months.
🌟 Do not use you while it is getting charged.

🌟 Lovense Max 2 FAQ

Can beginners use this Lovense Max 2 toy?

The Lovense Max is a great place to start if you're new to sex toys. It's a luxury vibrator that an app or remote control can control, and it's capable of very intense stimulation. Lovense covers it with a 12-month warranty and free repairs and replacements if anything breaks.

Is the Lovense max 2 worth buying?

The Lovense Max 2 is a good toy for those who wish to simulate a realistic feeling of sex. The toy is a hands-free model that utilizes a technology that allows for a more naturalistic experience. Β The Max 2 is equipped with wireless remote control to control how fast and hard the device moves. The device is also equipped with various vibration intensities and a “pulse” function that allows the user to control the vibration speeds.
In the package, the user will find a small air pump, a toy mount, and a USB charger that will allow for fully recharging the Max 2 toy in approximately one hour. A point to note about the Lovense Max 2 is that it is not an actual vibrator and does not vibrate like a traditional vibrator.

What is the best way to clean the Max 2?

Is the Lovense Max 2 worth buying?
The inner sleeve of the Max 2 is made of TPR material, which is porous. It is recommended to clean the inner sleeve with warm water only, without soap. Dry it thoroughly before storing, or it may grow bacterial or fungal cultures.

What can the max 2 connect to?

The Lovense Nora is the only toy in the world that allows for two-way interactive virtual sex. Enjoy real-time control over your partner's pleasure, or hand the remote over to your partner and let them tease you however they choose. The Lovense Remote App can control Nora. And now, with the Nora Max, you can enjoy interactive sex toys that simulate intercourse.

Lovense Max 2

  • Quality
  • Usage
  • Price
  • Durability


Lovense Max 2 has shown some positive effects in a gay family. All men seem to love it truly!
Although on some websites, some not-so-satisfied reviews of the customers claim that they do not find the shape and the size much more comforting.
Also, the basic look of the vibrator sets off the mood.