The term ‘crossdresser' is generally defined as someone who likes to wear the clothing of the opposite sex. Crossdressing may seem distasteful or even objectionable to some, but men and women across different cultures and civilizations have been fascinated by it and practicing it for thousands of years.

The term crossdresser is more relevant to men as most cross-dressers wear female-specific outfits. (A woman can wear men’s clothing and still be called ‘normal’!)Women sure are more privileged in this regard!

On the other hand, all eyebrows raise if a man wears a frilly skirt or high-heeled shoes!

Top 13 Crossdresser
Dating Sites

While most male cross-dressers are usually okay getting into any female-specific robes, some ‘perverted' ones love to flaunt their bodies in revealing clothes or even in lingerie as it gives them the ’euphoric’ feeling.
Crossdresser dating sites are meant for crossdressers who want to meet people like them and who share a similar crossdressing lifestyle. People who are open to dating a crossdresser may also sign up for these crossdresser websites.

List of Top 13 Crossdresser Dating Sites

Crossdresser Dating Sites

Today we bring you the ✅Top 13 Crossdresser Dating Site reviews. Our compilation of the best dating sites for crossdressers is solely meant for crossdressers. So this list is worth trying for all the crossdressers interested in crossdresser hookup.

Our Top Picks

LogoWebsiteFeaturesSite Link🔗
 #1. <strong>Adult Friend Finder</strong>

#1. Adult Friend Finder

  • Millions of open-minded people.
  • Protected by privacy measures.
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#2. <strong>Tinder</strong>

#2. Tinder

  • Engage in casual flings.
  • Millions of registered users.
  • Premium version available.
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<strong> #3. Friend Finder</strong>

#3. Friend Finder

  • Sexual orientation.
  • Millions of people worldwide.
  • Reasonably priced.
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#1. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is undoubtedly one of the best for adult dating and casual flirtingIt has millions of open-minded people who are comfortable with any type of sexual fetishes or relationships.

So don’t be taken aback if you find cross-dressers or fans of crossdressers on this platform.

Most members on this site are searching for a partner to flirt or have a kinky relation with. This site is protected by privacy measures and safe and secure.

  • It is not a site predominantly designed for crossdressers.

#2. Tinder


For those who like to playfully tease people of the opposite sex or engage in casual flings, Tinder is the place for you. Although may not be dedicated entirely to crossdressers, millions of registered users on this site share liberal views and have an open mindset when it comes to dating a crossdresser.

Tinder comes free, but Tinder plus charges a certain amount from those below and above 30 years of age. It’s the choice of members to use either the free account or the premium version. The site is safe and secured for use. Therefore it wouldn't be that difficult for tinder users to find it as a Crossdresser Dating Sites here.

  • It is not for people who are in search of a serious relationship.
  • Tinder is not an exclusive site for crossdressers.

#3. Friend Finder-X

Friend Finder-X

People of any gender, sexual orientation, or sexual fetishes can register with this site. So if you are a crossdresser or want to date a crossdresser, this site is definitely for you.

Millions of people worldwide use Friend Finder to meet their dating needs. Even with the free account, you can go through profiles on the site. The monthly charges for this site are reasonably priced.

  • The plan and layout of the site are simple, unattractive, and uninteresting.

#4. xDresser


XDresser is an exciting site that offers crossdressers the opportunity to connect with other like-minded people to build a friendship or relationship with. 

The Crossdresser Dating Site is desirable for serious relationship seekers and those who want extra fun. It started in 2016 and provides many features on the site for free.

Crossdressers here will find plenty of options to date, flirt, and build a relationship. It can also be accessed through an app on iPhone or a smartphone. Signing up is free.

  • A user needs to move into the premium account to send and receive messages.

#5. Date A Crossdresser

Date A Crossdresser

Date A Crossdresser is one of the top Crossdresser dating sites globally and has millions of users. The filter option makes it easy to search for crossdressers or people interested in a crossdresser according to name, age, and location.

The site focuses on cross-dressers and thus is perfect for cross-dresser dating. This is a free website that provides members the opportunity to message and flirt at their will and also provides many other attractive features.


  •  Site navigation needs improvisation.

#6. Meet A Crossdresser

Meet A Crossdresser is an exciting dating platform for crossdressers and their fans.

Meet A Crossdresser

It works like a dating organization where you come across new members every day. You can choose to flirt or date with the one who fits your requirements and choices.

The site offers free registration and provides a good ground for those searching for a life partner. You can search for people's profiles with the free account. The site has many alluring and latest features.

  • The navigation of the site calls for improvement.

#7. Club Crossdressing

Club Crossdressing

Club Crossdressing is a great dating site for crossdressers and their admirers. It's a free site that provides a one-of-a-kind dating experience to its users.

You can create your profile with all relevant information to help you find prospective partners and help people search for you easily. This site is suitable for those interested in a casual affair or for those who are searching for lifetime partners.

The site does not like you for feeding your credit card details while signing up. Every week, the site's homepage features a list of thousands of new members. This helps the new profiles get instant likes and preferences.

  • Loading takes longer than usual.

#8. Crossdresser Hookup

Crossdresser Hookup

Some people wish to have some fun time with crossdressers or get involved in a serious love affair. For both types of people, Crossdresser Hookup is just about the perfect place to be in.

The site is easy to use and free. One can participate in endless cross-dating activities and enjoy dating relaxedly. There are plenty of search options and advanced filters that help members sort and streamline their searches as per their needs and choices.

Moreover, all other sites that belong to its network can be easily accessed by members of the site.

  • This site is not a good choice for those who wish to engage in a serious relationship with crossdressers.


Match is a popular international dating site that allows people of any sex, sexual orientation, and sexual preference to join. Millions of people are using this site, including crossdressers.

As such, do not get surprised if you encounter a crossdresser on this site. Another benefit the site offers is that most basic features such as browsing profiles are offered free of cost.

You can buy the monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly subscription plans by paying a certain amount every month.

  • The site’s design and layout are ordinary and uninteresting.

#10. Transgender Friends

Transgender Friends

Transgender Friends is a global dating site dedicated primarily to transgender people looking for casual sex or getting into a serious relationship. Many crossdressers are using this platform, and as such, it becomes easy for one crossdresser to find another one.

This site offers a great feature: you can search for your perfect dating partner by country and region and browse photo galleries. Members can post their personal information as well.

Thousands of transgender are using the site to have some entertainment and wild fun. Profiles of new members are flashed on the site's homepage, which gives you access to new names. You can upgrade to the premium account by paying an amount for your chosen plan. The plan could be for a month, three months, or a year.

  • The site does not have too many premium features.
  • Visitors and new members may take some time to understand its features and start using it.

#11. is one exceptional dating site that supports and assists people to chase their dreams and pursue their interests fearlessly. Millions of people from all parts of the world who share liberal views use this site.

Therefore it's very likely that you'll bump into the profile of several crossdressers or people who want to date a crossdresser. The site also pays attention to other dating segments, making it an apt platform for people who want to explore different dating niches.

Whether you are looking for casual romancing or hook-up, this site is undoubtedly one of the best. The site is easy to use and conforms to different-sex fetishes. The premium fees for vary according to the plan you choose (1 month, 3 months, and 6 months)

  • You may encounter fake profiles on this site.
  • The site does not focus completely on crossdressers or crossdresser admirers.


This global dating site has millions of registered users from all parts of the world. It pertains to people having diverse interests and sexual orientations.

This flexibility offered by the site makes it one of the best dating sites having more than 8 million users. With such a huge user base, it wouldn't be surprising to come across profiles of crossdressers or those interested in dating a crossdresser

It's also effortless to find a local match and suits the needs of those interested in casual flirting or ones who are looking to build a serious relationship.  Signing up is very easy and can be done via email or your Facebook account.

The premium plan has different charges according to your chosen plan, including 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months plan membership.

  • The site is not exclusively focused on crossdressers.
  • There is a possibility of encountering fake profiles due to a lack of verification procedures.

#13. Lady Boy Kisses

Lady Boy Kisses

This adult dating site is suitable for ladyboys and crossdressers. There are many good-looking and alluring crossdressers on the site, which makes the quality of the matches very good. The site provides a healthy environment to flirt, date, and have fun with ease.

You can buy premium subscription plans for one month, three months, six months, and a year by paying a certain amount of money. The site is easy to use and has an attractive look.

  • Several gay men on this site wish to get engaged in a casual or serious relationship with crossdressers or ladyboys.
  • The site is not solely meant for crossdressers.
  •  Crossdressers of the United Kingdom and Germany find the site more beneficial as most members belong to these countries. 

🌟Crossdresser Dating Sites FAQ

Are there any crossdresser dating apps?

Yes, many crossdresser singles use dating apps to find love. If you are thinking about using a crossdresser dating app, there are a lot of considerations to make. It is critical to select the best platform for your requirements. Consider the following: * Safety is key. Make sure that the app you choose is safe and secure. Tons of dating apps have filters that help you find others with similar preferences and interests. Some of the most popular include Tinder, OkCupid, Zoosk, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish. Many of these apps are more gender-based than others, so you must find one that you feel comfortable using.
OkCupid is one of the best online dating sites. You can find over 2.8 billion people to date on the site, making this an ideal place to find a transgender partner. You can access the app free, but paid upgrades allow you to unlock more features and match more people.

What’s the safest adult dating site?

When it comes to finding a secure place for crossdressers to meet local singles, finding a site dedicated to serving the crossdressing and transgender dating communities is necessary. While some sites aren’t specifically geared towards crossdressers, they do at least put out a welcome mat to all comers so that no one is rejected. The two best sites out there today are and, both of which are favorites of crossdressers everywhere.

Which dating site is the most Kink-Friendly?

Dating sites aren’t just for finding your soulmate or anonymous hookups. They’re much more helpful than that. Sure, they can land you a one-night stand or a soul mate, but that is just scratching the surface of these sites’ true power. Today, sites allow users to meet people in their area interested in specific fetishes and get it on immediately. Yes, you can use these sites to get laid, but you can also use them to explore your kinky side if you’ve never had the guts to do so before.


So here we go, ready with our list of the top 13 crossdresser dating sites. If you are a crossdresser or someone who wishes to date with a crossdresser, these dating crossdresser sites will surely make you happy.
You can now love, date, flirt, or hook up with like-minded people quickly.
Cross-dressing men and women can now be more confident about themselves and stay rest assured of being able to find and be accepted by their potential partners in these dating sites for crossdressers.
So all the crossdressers (men), it’s time for you to make a profile on these free crossdresser dating sites and enjoy heels, makeup, and skimpy women's wear ceaselessly!