Ever wonder there is something more exotic beyond sex? I am sure that you must have already done pretty much everything in basic sex. Do you think that satisfaction is enough?

The answer is No. To claim that, we present you today a review of the 9 Best Nipple Suckers for intense nipple pleasure.

Now, there could be two types of audiences reading this article today.

Either you are a regular sex lover whose weirdest sex place would be the foot of the bed. Or you are the type of person who gets turned on anywhere. Whether you are on a business trip or a family vacation, you like to take it ROUGH.

No matter which type you have, a little nipple fun is always welcome.

Nipple Suckers

Well, there are several nipple toys available in the market to advance foreplay. Research shows that the most erotic part of a woman's body is her breast. So, if you and your partner are engaged in sexual intercourse, and if you happen to toy with her nipples, then there is a 100% chance that things will get wilder.
So, if you are going to play with her nipples, then you might as well do it right.

How do Nipple Suckers work?

Best Nipple Suckers

Have you ever heard about nipplegasms? Well, if you didn't, then you might not know this fact. A woman could have an orgasm just by getting her nipple sucked.

Also known as pumps or vacuums, nipple suckers act like mouths to the nipples, increasing blood flow and nipple stimulation. As the nipple suckers latch on nipples, they gently begin to suck the nipples, which ultimately leads to a 7th sky experience.

When you are a beginner and just getting started with nipple toys, the first few days could be a little swollen up.

But after using them for a few days, the increased blood flow to the nipple will increase the blood flow, and that could cause the nipple to become more engorged and pert.

You will begin to experience a new thrill in your sex life. During wear, they'll make a slight pinch, like extreme sensitivity to the nipple. The sensation could be either gentle or super intense. It depends on which type of nipple clamps you are using. That part could alone be very much satisfying.

But the real fun begins when you remove them. As we said before, your nipples become ultra-sensitive to touch. And this is a perfect opportunity for some licking and finger strokes which maximizes the newfound sensitivity and receptivity to touch.

  • Nipples are a great way not only to offer you extreme sensations but also a hands-free sexual experience. You and your partner could better use your fingers and explore the genital areas to increase the stimulation.
  • Many clamps are adjustable are there is a wide variety available of them. If you are into a threesome, that could also be arranged. But how?
  • The answer is in the below list, and I think we better get started with our exotic list. Read the following section carefully because you are going to find your ideal nipple clamp over here.

Best Nipple Suckers for Nipplegasm

Pipedream Nipple Suckers
Pipedream Nipple Suckers
Pipedream Nipple Suckers

#1. Pipedream
Fetish Fantasy Series Nipple Erector Set

The Fetish Fantasy series nipple erector set by Pipedream is the perfect choice for beginners. Your nipples are not used to over-suction as beginners, and that's not precisely what Fetish does!
  • It is a perfect gentleman to your breasts that begins its game with very gentle suction.
  • First, all you have to do is choose the design with a small opening and place the bulb on your nipples. Then gently squeeze the bulb, and you will start getting sensations of sudden blood rush in your body.
  • You could also use the rubber ring on your nipple to keep it erect. Besides black, this piece also comes in purple color.
now $19.00
Save $13

Lovehoney Nipple Honkers
Lovehoney Nipple Honkers
Lovehoney Nipple Honkers

#2. Lovehoney
Size Matters Nipple Honkers

We do not much agree with Lovehoney with their term when it comes to their nipple sucker size. But also cannot deny that these honkers are genuinely built to offer extreme sensation and keep on giving.
  • Once the suction begins on your nipple, you will get a weird/amazing feeling. Due to the size, the honkers will cover most of the area around the nipple.
  • You then need to squeeze the black rubber squeezer, to enhance the suction process. Once the sucker is removed, your nipples will be all ready to toy with.
  • The plastic cylinders offer a window to your pleasure time. So, whenever you feel turned on, you need to wear the honk, and your nipples will get all set to get banged.
now $29.99
Save $6.00

Calexotics Nipple Suckers
Calexotics Nipple Suckers

#3. Calexotics
Vibrating Nipple Suckers With Remote Control

This vibrating nipple suckers by Calexotics are built for the people who would love to have loaded fun with intense stimulation and a very terrific nipplegasm. Available in 2 varieties.
  • These are fully adjustable and very different from the usual nipple suckers. In addition, this nipple sucker has a clinching sensation, ensuring that the feeling matches your preference.
  • The nipple suckers are connected to a powerful motor, and the vibrator is controlled with remote control. The motos have 2 sets of speed which is owned by the remote.
  • The stimulators can also be used independently as the silicon covers are removable, making them easier to clean.
Save $6.00

Pipedream Nipple Sucker
Pipedream Nipple Sucker
Pipedream Nipple Sucker

#4 Pipedream
Fantasy For Her Vibrating Silicone Breast Suck-Hers

This invention by Pipedream will offer an otherworldly pleasure. The excellent part of this suction device is cordless, which makes them easier to deal with.
  • You will not get confused with the mechanism at all. Pipedream's Fantasy For Her's Breast Suck-Hers is big enough for every nipple size. So even if you are a beginner, you could get along with the thing very quickly.
  • The soft suction cups get tightly sealed, and all you have to do is squeeze the bulbs to begin the work. These will hold tight to your nipples, and soon you will start to have a vibrating sensation with a single vibration speed.
  • Speaking of vibes, each sucker comes with a bullet-sized vibrator on top of them. You need to press the button on the bullet to begin to vibrate.
now $35.00
Save $14.00

Pipedream Nipple Pumps
Pipedream Nipple Pumps

#5. Pipedream
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Auto-Vac Nipple Pumps

This weird-looking nipple pump is anything by that, and it can give you a lifetime experience of pleasure.
  • First, you need to place the cups on the top of your nipples, press the motor's handheld button, and your nipples are all ready to dance real nicely.
  • Keep in mind and place both the suction cups properly on the nipple because if they are misplaced, there could be a limit in the suction.
  • Once you have reached your desired perk, remove the cups, and your nipples might already be swollen up.
now $56.55
Save  $42.45 (42.9%)

Blush Novelties Nipple Nipple Suckers
Blush Novelties Nipple Nipple Suckers
Blush Novelties Nipple Nipple Suckers

#6. Blush
Temptasia Clitoris & Nipple Enhancement System

Suppose you have already tried nipple pumping and were not satisfied even with that. Then why not give a try to a whole clitoris and nipple enhancement system?
  • This system is built to offer you intense nipple pleasure and can be used to suck the clitoris. In addition, this pumping system will allow you to activate all the erogenous zones of your body.
  • To use it, place the suction cup over your erogenous zone and press the trigger to build the desired suction.
  • The air pressure gauge measures the pumping level. This suction set also comes with a set of 3 cylinders. All the cylinders offer a unique sensation and different levels of sensitivity.
now $34.99
Save $6.00

Lovehoney DOMINIX Nipple Sucker
Lovehoney DOMINIX Nipple Sucker
Lovehoney DOMINIX Nipple Sucker

#7. Lovehoney
DOMINIX Deluxe Cupping Set

Unlike other nipple pumps, this Dominix Deluxe Set provides suction to almost all places of the body.
  • By the same method as the penis, nipples, and genitals, the suction increases the body's blood flow and makes that specific zone activated.
  • This particular set can be used on the erogenous zones like genitals and nipples. First, you have to place the cups over the erogenous zone and start pressing the handle.
  • DOMIXIX is an excellent hit for all BDSM lovers. If you want to buy a pumping device that offers more than nipple sucking, this is your right choice.
  • Additionally, this device is not suitable for pregnant women or those who suffer from high blood pressure, heart diseases, or other respiratory issues.
  • Other than that, all kinds of ladies are welcome to this unique suction set.
now $29.99
Save $5.00

XL Plungers Nipple Suckers
XL Plungers Nipple Suckers
XL Plungers Nipple Suckers

#8. XR Brands
XL Plungers Extreme Suction Nipple Suckers

Warning: This means set of nipple suckers are coming your way with an overwhelming amount of stimulations and lots of orgasms!
  • The XL plungers offer a wide opening to cover the whole part of the nipple zone. The unique design push creates a vacuum with squeezing and makes you experience a heightened sensation of pleasure.
  • If you want to increase the stimulation effect, that could also be arranged.
  • As the name suggests, XL Plungers Extreme is ideal for women with bigger breasts. As soon you place the suction cup over your nipples, it will tightly get attached to the vacuum space.
now $26.66
Save $4.00

Fifty Shades Of Grey
Fifty Shades Of Grey

#9. Fifty Shades Of Grey
Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers

Those who say simplicity is the best might be right. Made out of body-safe silicons, these nipple pumps are designed straightforwardly.
  • To use the. You have to place the pump over your nipples and start squeezing its end. The suction will make you explore the dark desires of your side.
  • The mechanism is pretty much simple and very easy to clean. That makes this fifty shades of grey piece perfect for beginners.
  • So, if you are new to BDSM, you might want to start with this one.
now $14.99
Save $4.00

How to use a Nipple Sucker?

They are super easy to use!

🌟 Squeeze the bulb

  • 🌟 Place the bulb on the nipples.
  • 🌟Now rest. Allow the suction to do the rest.
  • 🌟 Now gently remove the bulb (This is where the real fun begins)
  • Now, when your nipples become extra sensitive to touch, ask your partner to stimulate them by flicking, licking, gentle biting, sucking, or kissing (whatever turns you on)

    You can also get genital clamps to intensify the sensation.

    How to choose the Right Nipple Sucker?

    • This section is critical, especially for the people who are just getting started with nipple play.
    • There are a wide variety of nipple pumps available in the market. As you must have already read above, choosing the right one depends on your demand.
    • If you are a single person who wants to explore his/her body's sensibilities, you might want to go with the pumping set, which comes with a remote. However, the absence of extra hands will be not lacking in the amount of fun.
    • If you are an amateur, you might want to start your game with the basic one, as the fifty shades of grey nipple pump.
    • If you want to enjoy nipple gaming with your partner, you could try pretty much any nipple sucker you want. However, I am sure that you and your partner already know how to explore the erogenous zones of your bodies.

    🌟Nipple Sucker FAQ

    ❓What are the benefits of nipple sucking?

    A study has found that regular breast sucking lowers the risk of breast cancer because it stimulates milk production and keeps cells healthy. In this study, women were more likely to have lower levels than before they participated in the research, indicating that it worked!

    ❓Which are the safe place to buy Nipple suckers?

    You may find many suppliers on the internet who offer to send you the “Best Nipple Suckers,” and you may want to consider purchasing Nipple Suckers from them. However, before making a purchase, you must check for scammers or not by doing a quick Google search about their company's background to determine if there have been any complaints made against them.
    Following are our top recommendations:
     You can find the best Nipple suckers, adult toys, and sexy lingerie discreetly online.
    Honey's Place: Honey's Place is the best store that offers you a wide range of Nipple Suckers, Sex Toys, and Romance Products, Ranging from Vibrators to Lingerie & Party Supplies.

    Which is the best nipple sucker?

    The best nipple suckers are our top 9 listed above. These fit the natural nipple shape to ensure comfort for you and can be adjusted with tension level. Be sure to look into vibrating models if you're looking for something extra special during playtime! Some models also offer suction control, which is important since too much, not adjustable suction can result in sore nipples or breast damage.

    9 Best Nipple Suckers 2022

    • SIZE
      No matter what your size is or from which gender you belong, nipple suckers are ideal for everyone! Even if you are a gay couple, you could use the whole body pumping set to let your erogenous parts get sucked.
      A lesbian couple could take the most advantage of the nipple suckers. You can buy various sets to try in your body and welcome multiple orgasms in your life.


    The BDSM lovers are going to love these clamps! There is a thin line between pleasure and pain, and these nipple suckers are that line. And we know that BDSM is all about testing the limits.
    The variant list of nipple clams and suckers is very long. Also, there is a type for everyone!
    So, that is it in 9 Best Nipple Suckers Review. We hope that you must have got what you came looking for!