Are you looking for a beginner-friendly sex toy to excite your anal ecstasy, then you are so in the right place! In today's article, we will be looking into ✅ Best Anal Beads Review to get you started with your butt-play.

You all will agree with the fact improvisation is the key to have a more fulfilling sexual experience. We all have our desires and urges that cannot be fulfilled with just regular vanilla sex.

We all are up to test our sexual boundaries and limits with our sexual partners. If you are in love with a person, then sex with them hits different.

Even though you have sex with your loved ones daily, you are always thirsty for more. With improvisation, you can explore various parts of their body or let them explore yours.

Anal Beads

Just like that, there is an increasing demand for anal sex. Earlier, people used to avoid that part because of the obvious issues. But with time, people have become intrigued and hungry to try out more.
But you cannot enjoy anal sex just by penetrating your penis or getting penetrated. Unlike the vagina hole, the anal hole is dry. Therefore, you need certain sex toys to ease that area.

For beginners, nothing could be better than starting with anal beads. And once your anal hole is used to beads, you can start experimenting with other objects.

What are Anal Beads?

Best Anal Beads

Anal Beads are sex toys used during your solo or dual play to increase the intensity of your orgasm. Anal beads look like a variety of bulbs attached to a cord with a grip in the end.

They are intended to insert into the anus to increase the stimulation process. Upon their insertion and removal, you could feel the sensitive nerves outside your anus getting flinched.

Anal beads ranged from small to big bulbs depending on the comfort of your anus. If you are a beginner, you have to start with the smallest bead set. But once you get experienced in this play, you can start exploring the big beads to satisfy your horny lions🦁.

The beads are slowly inserted in the rectum and pulled out at a varying speed before or after an orgasm. Using anal beads can enhance almost every sex act for everybody and partner combination.

You do not even need a partner for this process. Anal beads can also be used as a part of your masturbation process.

When you are pleasing yourself, you can take advantage of the anal beads to add stimulation along with your fingers or vibrator. If you are new to simulation, using anal beads can be the perfect way to ease yourself into the anal process.

Our Top Pick 🔥

Vixen Gemstones

Vixen Gemstones

All Viixen sex toys are made from 100% body-safe silicone and handcrafted in san Francisco.
The smooth and shiny anal beads are placed 1.5 inches apart from each other and get easily inserted into your anal hole.
  • Available in 4 different Colours.
  • Waterproof 💯
  • Easy to Clean 💦
now $100.00
Save $15.00

Why People like Anal beads?

Anul Beads

Anal beads are a new and exciting sex toy that can be introduced in foreplay or intercourse. Anal beads hit the erogenous zones of your anus, providing endless pleasure possibilities for you.

If you are using them with a partner, you can both have them in, switch off, or focus on increasing one person's pleasure. The ultimate goal of using anal beads is to increase pleasure.

Top Vibrating Anal Beads

#1. “Midnight Madness” Vibrating Anal Beads

Midnight Madness

The Midnight Madness Anal Vibe is a strong battery-powered anal bead that comes with 12 functions! The beads are silicon-based and very easy to insert or pull.
Midnight Madness has a curved tip, graduated beads, and 6.75 inches of insertable length, making it perfect for beginners. You only need to insert the whole set slowly in your anal whole. Once the strand reaches fully, you can switch on the vibrating motion to experience a heaven-like sexual experience.

#2. Vibrating Anal Beads Prostate Massager

Vibrating Anal Beads Prostate Massager

This vibrating Anal Beads Prostate massager is specially built for prostate stimulation in guys, though anyone could use this vibrating massager for anal sex.
This toy is equipped with two powerful motors! That is enough to take you out on a wild ride. Especially when you are a gay couple, you can start using this massager for an added adventure in your sex ride.
There are 10 vibration patterns spread throughout the 7.70 inches of insertable length​. The toy is very long, i.e 11 inches, and comes with a large O-ring for easy retrieval.
The material of this sex toy is 100% body-sage silicone, which makes it pretty easier to clean.

#3. Tantus 11-Inch Vibrating Anal Beads

Tantus 11-Inch Vibrating Anal Beads

The Tantus 11 inch beads are one of the best vibrating beads in the market. The device is extremely flexible and well-designed, the ​4 jet-black beads ​are backed up by a powerful removable 3-speed bullet vibrator.
With 11 inches in length, it is a perfect option for all anal professionals. If you want to experience a sensual sex tide, then you must add this vibrating anal beads device to your sex routine.

Top Cheap Anal Beads for your pleasure

#1. Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand

This wand is the swiss knife of the sex toy world. The entire toy is made from stainless steel. One sent of the wand is a dildo, while the other end has 3 big anal beads. This is definitely not a choice for beginners.
The smooth steel makes the insertion part easier. The dildo side can be used for both anal and vagina parts. Believe it or not, this is the kinkiest choice for the kinkers.

#2. Vixen Gemstones

Vixen Gemstones

Vixen creations design some of the best anal beads in the market. Their sizes come according to your requirement. These Gemstones are available in 4 different sizes with 4 different colors.
The large rectangular base prevents the beads to slip inside the body. These are 100% water-proof and very easy to clean. The only con is, it does not come with vibration effects, but that makes it the perfect choice for all beginners!

#3. Silicone Heart Anal Beads

Silicone Heart Anal Beads

Who says sex has to be serious all the time? With the heart-shaped beads, you can make your play a little more romantic.
The material of these beads is silicone, which makes them easy to insert.
Also, as these are silicon-based anal beads, make sure you use a water-based lube with this product.
And though they start small, they work up to a final heart that's 1.25″ in diameter, making them a challenge that'll make you squirm.

Safety measures to consider with Anal Beads

If you are considering trying anal beads with your partner, make sure you discuss your interest and desires and try to cultivate an open mind and organic approach.

Safety measures

Following are the ways you can try to use Anal Beads Safely:

  • Decide between rigid or soft strands. Rigid strands are easier to insert and pull but are less flexible as compared to soft strands.
  • Invest in high-quality anal beads. Silicone, on-porous beads are good for beginners as they are soft and easier to clean.
  • Use high-quality lube. Silicone-based lubes work if you are using non-silicone beads. In that case, you can opt for a water-based lube or a condom.
  • Begin slowly and always know your limits. Discuss your limits and boundaries with your partner before engaging in the course.
  • Sanitize the beads after every use.

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand

The stainless steel means it also holds the temperature, making it the perfect choice for people who love to play with the senses. You can use silicone-based lube, water-based lube, or even saliva according to your choice.
now $95.00
Save $5.00

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🌟Anal Beads FAQ

❓Do you have recommendations for lubricants to use with anal beads?

Conservative lubricants work well with anal beads, as do silicone-based lubes. A water-based lubricant may also be a good option, but the anus is not self-lubricating, so it's crucial to use plenty of lube and reapply as needed. Degradation of latex condoms may occur without using a new condom on top – better safe than sorry! Stay away from glycerin because it can promote yeast infections.

❓Is it safe to use Anal Beads on a regular basis?

Beads are a safe thing to play with, but of course, care needs to be taken. Always use a condom over the bead and never try to reinsert them once you've pulled them out! If you have any alcohol or alcohol-based lubricant on your hands, wipe it off before touching the beads. You can also coat the beads in silicone-based lubricant if you find something oil-based later hurts too much.

❓What are the best anal lubricants?

Many products are made specifically for anal play, such as Crisco, Astroglide Gel, and Wet Platinum Silicone Gel, making insertion easier and more comfortable; these products should never be used internally (for external use only). Be sure to clean anal beads every time before & after each use.

❓How do I remove the anal beads after having sex without hurting myself or my partner?

Remove anal beads after sex by:
1. Waiting until you feel comfortable and ready to remove them
2. Ask your partner if they can pull on the string, or pull yourself gently before following with an exhale so that natural tension pushes out the beads. If it doesn't come out after a few seconds of pulling, give some more time before trying again.
3. Washing your hands with warm, soapy water beforehand can help relax the area – but only do this if you want to avoid infection. Alternatively, wipe around the anus with baby wipes or toilet paper first, then wash hands afterward for more thorough cleaning.

❓Is it a good idea to use silicone beads, metal or plastic ones for beginners?

Beginners should start with silicone beads because they move more slowly and are a lot less slippery. Silicone is more user-friendly because it feels on the skin and has a fast clean-up time. This gives a beginner the chance to try out anal stimulation without being in too much danger of being uncomfortable or distressed.

Best Anal Beads For Sexual Pleasure

  • Pleasure Level


While anal play can be a lot pleasurable, it is vital to use a good quality lube and stop immediately if hurt.
For the cleaning process, you can use some warm water and soap. Or, if you like to go fancy, you can invest in a toy cleaner.
But for beginners, it is not a great choice. It is difficult to insert the wand into a virgin anus. You might start bleeding if you do not use a water-based lube.
Note: Do not forget to communicate your emotions about anal experimentation with your partner.