Are you, too, an anal freak? Say no more. We are here to provide you with an ultimate ✅ Guide to Anal Hooks.

There is no lie to this statement that Covid has brought a new level of boredom into our lives. But that boredom has improvised our sex lives to a whole other level.

If you are a sex lover, you must already be familiar with different kinds of sex toys. Say it is a nipple clamp or a vibrator. They got them all.

Anal Hooks

Some people claim that sex toys provide better satisfaction than actual humans! Can you believe this? Well, we do because we know it.
And a perfect example of that would be Anal hooks. If you are new to the kinky world, after hearing Anal hooks, the first question would have been, ‘What the hell is this?'

Well, we must assure you, it is not as scary as it sounds. Anal hooks are the best invention for all BDSM lovers!

Now how it is used and it is safe to use or not is a different question. And we will be enlightening all the possible information on Anal hooks, along with some of our best pics.

What is an Anal Hook?

Anal Hooks

The BDSM community must be familiar with this sex toy. While watching porn, you must have come across different kinds of cock cages and hooks.

The core idea behind these wild toys is pure domination. A person wearing one has minimum to no space for movement. And this can be a hell lot uncomfortable. An ass hook is a curved piece of steel with a hole on one end and a ball.

Using Anal hooks is as pure as watching a freaky sex show. The dominant person will insert the steel part of the hook to their sub's anus and just leave it there.

Top Pick
A Best Guide to Anal Hooks


  • Anal hooks are often a part of the predicament of bondage sex, where the submissive is supposed to stay in only one place.
  • The default position rings little to no discomfort. The real trouble comes when the person is supposed to move in different parts due to muscle fatigue.
  • The person will feel nothing until he is standing, but once they decide to respond to their Dom, they welcome unusual ass distress.

While other sex toys like vibrators and dildos are built to provide you only pleasure, Anal hooks will often give a sweet pain.
And that is the exact thing people in BDM look for! Usually, in this kind of sex play, the dominant strives to offer sweet pain to their sub.

How to use Anal Hooks?

The basics of using Anal hooks are similar to anal beads and butt plugs. But still, there are a few different things to look out for!

Firstly we will talk about the material of this sex toy. You got it wrong if you think this one comes like other sex toys with a silicon structure.

The material of Anal hooks is pure stainless steel. That means that these hooks are less forgiving than your classic vibrators. Because of their rigidness, you will have to stay a lot more careful, especially with the inserting balls.

  • The best way to use them is along with lubes. As the material is stainless steel, your natural lube from the vagina will not be sufficient. The tissue around the anus is rather sensitive, and it can easily tear. Adding lube to that intercourse will, of course, be an intelligent choice.
  • Additionally, the dominant person should be an expert with anal hooks. They should be familiar with the number of risks associated with it and be thorough with hazard prevention.
  • The hole of the hook does not say that it can be used for insertion. They are just there to provide secure bondage. There shouldn't be extra pressure applied to the hook.

After carefully inserting the hook, the rest depends on your imagination. It is your choice to whether order your sub around or just make the person standstill. You have got nearly infinite options to improvise.

Our Top Picks in Anal Hooks

Below is our 4 top Anal hooks picks, which you might love to have a look at:

The DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Hook
DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Hook
DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Hook

#1. The DOMINIX Deluxe Medium Hook

When we searched for a classic Anal hook that is easier to clean, we settled on this Dominix Deluxe medium hook.
You will feel surprised by how lightweight the hook is!
  • The ball is 1.5 inches, which in weight which is big enough to stay in one place. Also, it does not cause too much discomfort.
  • The hook has detachable aluminum balls for easy cleaning.
  • There is also a ring in the end so you can attach bondage, ropes, or chains for a fun BDSM play!
Save £ 2.00


  • Unisex device. You can use it for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation.
  • High-quality stainless steel construction.
  • It's relatively affordable (price $54.99).
  • The ball feels heavy and will fill you up.
  • Detachable ball for easy cleaning.


  • It's a bit too large for beginners. First-time users can buy the below product instead.
  • It doesn't come with a storage bag.

The DOMINIX-Deluxe-Small
DOMINIX Deluxe Small

#2. DOMINIX Deluxe Small: Beginner Pick

If you are a beginner to this play of BDMS, you do not have anything to worry about. If it is your or your sub's first time, ensure that you get started with this DOMINIX pick. It will be an excellent starter kit for your little BDSM play.
  • This hook has a metal body with a ball of 3.84 circumferences, while its insertable length is up to 5 inches!
  • It slides both in the vagina and anus easily.
  • So if you are hesitant to have anus fun, you can get started with the vagina first.
  • Or you can use it with your favorite bondage restraint for wild BDSM fun!
now £29.99
Save 10.00


  • It's a great anal hook for beginners.
  • High-quality stainless steel construction.
  • A cheap anal hook (cost $49.99).
  • Detachable ball for easy cleaning.


  • The ball may be too small for experienced players.
  • The metal feels cold, so you need to warm it up before use.

 Trailer Hitch Big Rig

#3. Trailer Hitch Big Rig: For Advanced Anal Play

This piece is for the people who have been in the BDSM fun for a long time! Once you're familiar with your anus whole, you can quickly start this hook for an advanced anal play.
  • That hook has polished medical-grade steel created to fulfill your bucket of desire. And it is the perfect toy for all the men who always ask for something bigger!
  • This is a two-in-one adult toy, which means you get double fun! The cock grip olds your penis and balls in apiece, while the butt plug ensures that your anus hole is filled with cold steel.
now $82.73 
Save $36.27


  • Cock ring and anal hook in one toy.
  • It will give you intense orgasms.


  • This BDSM gear is not for beginners.
  • It's expensive (price tag $100).

Sexbaby Anal Hook with intense fun!
Sexbaby Anal Hook

#4. Sexbaby: Anal Hook with intense fun!

Sexbaby aims to provide its customers with the best of BDSM fun! If you are not satisfied with just two balls, you will get much more in this area!
  • Wireless Remote Control: The remote control gives tons of playful options, making it so easy to switch between settings without having to stop!
  • With a 65.6ft control distance, you can explore more sexual positions and plays, refreshing your passion experience.
  • Small Size for Travel: 6.29 inches in length, 1.37 inches in diameter.
  • A small-sized nipple clit stimulator with a flexible tail makes it one of the best travel vibrators we’ve ever seen. You can easily fit it in your purse or suitcase wherever you go.
now $295.00
Save $5.00


  • It's perfect for prostate stimulation.
  • You can use it with any lubricant.
  • Tapered design for easy insertion.


  • This BDSM sex toy is too sturdy and big for beginners.
  • The shape is a bit uncomfortable.
  • Some reviewers complain about sharp edges.

🚀Safety and Precautions while using an Anal Hook

Anal Hook

Anal hooks are less forgiving than other sex toys because they are firm and rigid. A sharp jerk or a rough pull could probably do a lot of damage. So to check your partner's limits, why not do a little hand fisting first?

As always, communication is the key. Discuss with each other the different positions which both of you can enjoy. There are a few more things that you need to keep in your mind:

  • Pick a safe word and use it when it is necessary. You must choose a word, which you are unlikely to use in your sexual intercourse. Because as soon as your sub uses that word, you need to stop immediately.
  • Immediately discontinue if you experience excessive pain, which is not normal. Do not pick a hook with rough edges because rough edges are highly likely to cause you harm.
  • If the situation goes out of hand, then immediately rush with your partner to an emergency room.
  • Do not forget to clean the toy thoroughly after use. You can wash it with warm water and regular soap. If you want deep cleansing, you can go with a quality toy cleaner.

🌟Anal Hooks FAQ

How to use an anal hook?

An anal hook is a sex toy designed for vaginal and anal penetration. It is most often used in BDSM roleplay, and it is designed to look like a hook. The anal hook is usually slender and curved to stimulate both the anal and the vaginal walls.
The hook can be used so that its tip is placed in the anus, and the body is curved and pushed back into the vagina, giving double penetration for the person wearing it. It can also be used for simple penetration.

What is an anal hook?

An anal hook is a metal BDSM sex toy that looks like a large headless nail. An anal hook has a loop and a ball and looks like a fishing hook. This hook-shaped BDSM sex toy is inserted inside the anus of the submissive and held by the dominant, who can pull it or push it and hook the dominant's fingers or rope through the loop. Anal hooks are often used for sessions involving pain and humiliation.

What is the purpose of an anal hook?

An anal hook is a device used in BDSM play for those who want to embark on the kinky and adventurous side. It is a great way to enhance your sexual pleasure, as well as increase your sexual stamina.
Knowledge about the anal hook works by stimulating the sensitive nerve endings located near the prostate gland.
The nerve endings are hypersensitive, to begin with, and after some time of continued stimulation, the nerve endings will begin to respond with pleasure instead of pain. Both men and women can use the anal hook, but it has to be inserted with enough lubrication to make the entrance less painful.

How to attach the anal hook to hair or head?

There are different types of anal hooks, and some can be used to attach the hook end to hair or directly to the head of the wearer. However, when attaching the hook to the head, the wearer would be unable to move their head in any direction, so this can be a bit riskier, in my opinion.
Furthermore, this would work best with someone who has very long hair, so when you pull them from behind, they cannot move away from you in any direction.

A Guide To Anal Hooks 2022

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Parting Words

That was it in our Ultimate Guide To Anal Hooks.
But always remember, communication is a big part of the BDSM fun!
So make sure to have a sweet little chat with your sexual partner before you go for these wild measures!